International visits, 2006/07 academic year

September, 2006

In September, 2006 within the program of Robert Bosch Fund the German language lecturer Tobias Schmalhofer has started working for the OSU. He is giving classes of German language to the German Philology Department students.

In the framework of "German Days in Orenburg" the OSU hosted the brigade general Fogel, the governing member of the Munich Fund "White Rose". During the visit Mr.šFogel met with the OSU German language teachers and Philology Department students, discussing challenges of higher education and political situation in Germany.

October, 2006

In the framework of "Japanese Days — 2006" the OSU welcomed Mr. Koichiro Nakamura, the Councillor and the head of Information Department of the Japanese Embassy in Moscow, Mr.šItošJun, the head of the representatives "Mitsubishi Heavy Industries" in Moscow, Mr.šNaokišKobayashi, the Machinery Construction and Technology Installations Department leader (Trade House Mitsubishi Corporation), Mr.šYoshihisašSaki, Mitsubishi vice-president of lithograph in Europe.

November, 2006

On November 9th the leader of the Samara representatives of the France State Educational Agency "Edu France" Olga Uvarova presented to OSU students and faculty "The higher Education in France".

On November 21st the OSU hosted the FRG General Consul in Yekaterinburg Tilo Klinner. The General Consulate met the OSU leadership and teachers to talk on the possibilities for our students to participate in the events, organized by the consulate. Besides, Tilo Klinner delivered the lecture "Russia and Europe and the European Union" for the students of the OSU German Language Department.

December, 2006

On December 1st the USA General Consul in Yekaterinburg John Stepanchuk made a report at the final seminar session "The tolerance: the dialogue of cultures", organized at OSU under the USA General Consulate in Ekaterinburg.

On December 28th CarlšM.šKuttler, the president of the St.šPetersburg College in Florida, USA payed a visit to OSU. Mr.šKuttler met with the OSU leadership, visited the museum of OSU history, attended meetings with students at Law faculty and Design faculty. The OSU International Office staff demonstrated to Mr.šKuttler the presentation "The OSU cooperation with the educational and cultural organizations and institutions of the USA".

January, 2007

On January 24-27 the OSU hosted the delegation from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. The Dean of the School of Building Management Mr.šRafaelšCapuz Lladro and the Deputy Dean of the School of Building Management Ms.šIsabel Tort Ausina had several meetings with OSU authorities as well as with students and staff members at the Faculty of Architecture and Construction. The quests took part in ceremonial activities devoted to the St.šTatyana Day. On January 26th the Orenburg State University and Polytechnic University of Valencia signed the Agreement of Collaboration.

On January 24-27 the delegation Vitus Bering University College (Horsens, Denmark) was invited to visit OSU. Mr.šKonstantin Lassithiotakis, VBD Director for Studies and Mr.šJorgenšJensen, VBD Chief Consultant visited the OSU Faculty of Journalism, Economics and Management Faculty and Distance Learning Faculty. The VBD delegation attended several meetings out of the university. Thus Mr.šLassithiotakis and Mr.šJensen met with the Head of Culture Office in the Orenburg City Hall Mr.šValeriy Krasnov; the "Ural Expo" leadership and the Orenburg region Chamber of Comerce.

On January 25, 2007 the OSU hosted the director of the French Alliance in Samara Natali Konio-Toven and her assistant Mr.šTimotešdešMajar. When meeting OSU rector Dr.šKovalevskiy Ms.šKonio - Toven described the possibilities of cooperation between the OSU and French educational institutions and organizations. The guests were invited to visit the photo exhibition "His Majesty the moment" and visited the Philology Department.

February, 2007

On February 5, 2007 a delegation from Changchun Normal University, Chanchun, China visited Orenburg State University. CNU Prorector Jan Min and International Office Director Tian Chunde attended specially arranged meetings at the OSU Rectors’s Office and Russian language chair to discuss possible areas of cooperation. As a result, Vladimir Kovalevskiy signed the Memorandum on Cooperation between OSU and CNU. Besides, both sides reached the agreement to develop Chinese language summer courses in Chanchun; Chinese language courses at OSU; faculty and students exchange within the program "Russian as a foreign language".

On February 13-15 the OSU hosted Jeremy D.šSlagovskiy, the English Language Officer who shared his professional experience in teaching English as a foreign language. The visit became possible thanks to the USA Embassy in Moscow namely English Language Office.

Thanks to the cooperation with the French Alliance branch in Samara, in February, 2007 a lecturer from France Edit Delbek worked at OSU. During six weeks Mrs.šDelbek gave lectures to the OSU Romance Philology Department students, assisted OSU students and faculty in preparing for taking the international exam in French (DALF). Her stay was the first experience in the faculty exchange between educational institutions of France and the Orenburg State University.

March, 2007

On March 9-24 within the framework of cooperation between the Orenburg State University and Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, the senior lecturer of German language courses for foreigners Anneta Gshvilm payed a visit to the OSU. During her stay Mrs.šGshvilm held intensive course of German language for competitors for International Certificate (DSH) and some methodical seminars and trainings for the OSU German language Department and German language Center teaching staff.

On March 26-28 the OSU hosted the director of the French State Educational Agency EduFrance in Samara Uvarova Olga and the newspaper "France City" editor-in-chief Mr.šFrolov and the student Giem Asherman (Tur, France). The guests acted as lecturers invited at the methodology seminar "French language and culture of France at school" for the Orenburg high schools teachers and at the seminar for the pupils "French language - it is great". Both seminars were organized by the Roman Philology and methods of teaching French language Department.

April, 2007

On April 6-12 the OSU rector, Professor Vladimir Kovalevskiy paid a visit to the USA.

On April 23-24 the OSU hosted the Director of Social Programs Department of the European Committee Office in Russian Federation Mr.šNikola Skaramuzzo and the National Tempus Office Director in Russian Federation Ms.šOlga Oleinikova. Mr.šSkaramuzzo and Ms.šOleinikova presented to OSU students and faculty "Erazmus Mundus" and "Tempus" programs.

May, 2007

On May 4-9 the OSU hosted the delegation from Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany, consisting of two lecturers of German language courses for foreigners Peter Jaumann and Angelika Jodl. The goal of their visit was to examine OSU students for International Certificate DSH. Within the framework of the visit examination board members met with the OSU Prorector for Scientific Research and International Cooperation Dr.šAidašKiryakova to analyze and make plans for the future cooperation between our universities in the sphere of linguistic training for the OSU German language Center attendees.

On May 8-11 the OSU delegation, consisting of the OSU Prorector for Scientific Research and International Cooperation Dr.šAida Kirjakova and the Head of International Programs and Projects Office Oleg Krikotov were invited to visit Changchun Normal University. Within the visit our delegation met with the CNU leadership to investigate the possibilities of staff and students’ exchange between OSU and CNU. As a result a new cooperation activities plan for 2007-2008 was signed.

On May 8-17 a lecturer from France Edit Delbek paid a visit to OSU for the second time. During six weeks of stay Ms.šDelbek had classes with the OSU Romance Philology Department students.

On May 7-20 the OSU hosted Wiliam Ditman, the president of Creative Solution Center, Texas, USA. During his stay Mr.šDitman conducted classes for the OSU students, participated in the II Orenburg Region Sertoma Convention arranged by the OSU SERTOMA Collegiate Club, met Lyceum #1 students, visited the OSU branch in Akbulak, went sightseeing in Orenburg and Orenburg region.

On May 10 the Orenburg region and OSU hosted Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Danish Kingdom in Russia His Excellency Per Carlsen. The aim of his official visit was to find the possibilities of Orenburg region to create new investment projects. Mr.šPer Carlsen was accompanied by the Minister Pole Jacob Erikstrup, Ambassador Counselor on Food Affairs, Agriculture and Fishing and Marina Mityanina, Food and Agriculture Department Senior Counsellor. Within the framework of the visit Mr.šCarlsen met with the OSU rector Vladimir Kovalevskiy. Besides, the delegation met with the group of "double diploma" students who studied at Vitus Bering University College, Horsens, Denmark.

June, 2007

On June 11-30 the deputy Head of the International Programs and Projects Office Ludmila Dokashenko had an internship at Vitus Bering University College, Horsense, Denmark. The aim of her stay at the university was to get acquainted with the way how educational establishments cooperate with different enterprises and firms. Ms.šDokashenko visited a number of business enterprises to learn their structures, management, list of activities and needs for upgrading and retraining.

On June 24-28 Vitus Bering University College, hosted one more delegation from the OSU, headed by the OSU Prorector for Scientific Research and International Cooperation Dr.šAidašKiryakova. Other delegation members, the Head International Programs and Projects Office Oleg Krikotov and the Head of International Office Dr.šNatalyašYankina attended the organization meeting arranged for TEMPUS project "Quality Assurance in Higher Educational Establishments of Russia".

July, 2007

On July 3-4 the OSU hosted Klaus Haenssgen, professor from the University of Applied Sciences, Leipzig, Germany. During his stay Mr.šHaenssgen made a presentation of Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, evaluated OSU abilities to participate in some Tempus Programs.

On July 6 Gzegosh Vishnevskiy, Attache on Defence and the first Councillor of Poland Embassy in Russian Federation and Heronim Gralya, director of Poland Cultural Center visted the OSU. Within the framework of the visit the delegation met with OSU leadership and described the idea of arranging a conference on the OSU basis.

On July 18-29, the international English Language and Networking Courses for the university staff of Denmark, Spain, Poland, Finland and Russia were organized at Universidad Politecnica de Valencia and JaumešI University, Spain. The OSU Prorector Oleg Tarnavskiy and the Head of English Philology department Dr.šVera Temkina attended the courses as the OSU representatives. The aim of these linguistic courses was not only to improve communicative skills of all the participants, but also to develop and cement the international relations between the universities-copartners.

Within the framework of cooperation with Ludwig-Maximilians University (Munich) the OSU German Philology Department and German language Center worked out the project "Memory-Responsibility-Future". As a result some of the OSU students had a chance to participate in the scientific seminar, which took place at LMU in July, 2007. Twelve of our students, studying German language and having DSH certificate presented their reports. Besides they made acquaintance with some interesting places of Munich and its surroundings.

August, 2007

According to the collaborative agreement between the Orenburg State University and Ludwig-Maximilians University (Munich) the OSU German Center teachers Petrosyan Elena and Sokirkina Olga took the upgrading in "German language courses for foreigners" at LMU on August 3-31, 2007.

On August 17 as a part of his visiting program to the Orenburg region the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Republic of Poland Ezhi Bar called on the OSU. The guest was introduced to the university’s structure, its history and international activities. When meeting the OSU rector Prof. Vladimir Kovalevskiy the Ambassador Ezhi Bar joined the discussion on the possibilities to develop possible contacts with Polish universities and organizations. The Ambassador Ezhi Bar made a tour around the university library.

From August 24 within the framework of cooperation between the Orenburg State University and Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany, four students from LMU have started studying at the OSU Philology Faculty. German students Fisher Richard Georg, Sajkiewicz Marlena Diana, Pabst Camilla Desiree, Shmidt Heiko will study History of Russia, Russian language and literature.

On August 31 — September 3 the OSU hosted the delegation from Vitus Bering University College, headed by the VBD rector Svend Trøst. The other delegation members were two VBD prorectors: Konstantin Lassithiotakis and Ole Hjort Willatzen. The Danish colleagues took part in the ceremonial activities devoted to the Day of Knowledge and the City Day.

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